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Glastonbury 2017 Heart & Third Eye Gaia chakra activation


Gaia is an organic being, she has chakras, portals for free flow of energy through and round her. Like us, our planet is experiencing cosmic chakra activation, an accelerated upgrade of her energetic system, rebooting her to higher frequencies. Glastonbury, England is where our planet’s heart and third eye chakras are believed to be. A sacred place, a powerful crossroads of ley lines, of ancient wisdom, of spirituality, healing and high frequency love.

The Glastonbury festival has honoured this unique part of the world, harnessing the higher vibration of music and magnifying it. The pyramid stage symbolises pagan understanding of mind body spirit wellbeing as well as acting as a conduit for higher frequencies generated by the festival goers and the music. This conduit draws love light energy down from the universe into the crowd and allows the higher frequencies generated by the festival to move up and flow out…

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Energy Update Incoming Chakra Activations 


Cosmic waves activate our chakras, bringing our mind body soul system online wuth higher frequencies. To integrate flow of energy, through and round our system, each chakra has to be cleared of blockages, flow should be free and easy. This process of karmic evolution is affecting us all. The fifth dimension is calling.

To align with higher vibrations we lighten our karmic load. We are being triggered to release all loeer vibrational energy. The health of our physical bodies, our humansuits, is just as important as our mental wellbeing and soul nourishment. We seek balance and harmony through our whole being.

Many of us are experiencing palpitations, fluttering sensations in our heart due to intensive activation of our heart chakra. The heart chakra on Gaia is at Glastonbury England. The UK has just instigated a monumental timeline shift from selfish/slave politics to selfless/sharing politics. After decades of elitist middle to…

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Awakening and Awareness !

The Arcturians via Marilyn Raffaele, June 4th, 2017

Sananda June 5, 2017
Arcturians (channeled messages)

June 4, 2017

It is our loving work to advise and assist everyone awakening into a new and truer state of consciousness. You are doing a fine job of it, in spite of the confusion often resulting from the discovery that many tried and true beliefs were nothing more than concepts accepted as reality. The first step of all change is awareness.

Gaia and all her people are experiencing the energies of a massive shift into higher and truer ways of understanding. The blinders are coming off and this can be traumatic for the un-prepared because everyone has lived hundreds of lifetimes in the dense three dimensional belief system, embracing it as reality. Opening to and accepting that it was formed from illusory concepts of duality and separation can be very difficult to accept.

The early stages of awakening often bring about emotions of guilt and shame. This is because when certain past actions are remembered with new awareness, they are recognized as having been negative and selfish. When and if this happens, lovingly accept that that you were acting from your highest sense of right at that time which is all anyone is required to do, and call to mind that guilt and regret are emotions based in identification with a false sense of self.

At the same time, be aware that many of those past experiences now causing shame or regret were actually pre-planned interactions, opportunities important for the spiritual growth of all involved. Be alert to emotions as they arise, not resisting them but seeing them as perfect signs pointing to lingering false beliefs–“What am I believing that is making me feel this way?”

It is time to begin thinking of, believing in, and accepting yourselves as Divine Beings, as I AM instead of the personal sense of self as Mary or Jim. Yes, the world will continue to see you as human and you will continue to go about your human activities, but until you can accept and know yourself as I AM, you will forever be on a journey of seeking. Journeys are meant to lead somewhere, not meant to go on indefinitely.

Continuing to hold only to the personal sense of self blocks the attaining of higher states of consciousness. Many intellectually accept the idea of oneness, but continue holding tightly to a false sense of self that believes itself to be only human, separate and unworthy of being One with God. Many, especially those steeped in religious doctrine, still consider the idea of oneness to be sacrilegious–the same unenlightened beliefs that resulted the crucifixion of Jesus.

Identification of self as SELF, one with Source and all that Source is, is the next level of spiritual evolution, and until a student of truth is willing to take the step of accepting that all life is an expression of the ONE Divine Life including themselves, they can go no higher in spiritual awareness, but instead remain on a wheel going nowhere, and perpetually seeking.

As you go about your day, use every experience to practice knowing “I AM”. For example, when you look into your wallet and find nothing there, instead of saying to yourself; “I have no money” which will serve to perfectly create that exact thing, say instead; “Yes, I see and acknowledge the appearance of lack, but I know that the I that I am is self- sustained and self- maintained and therefore I am the very substance of abundance.” Then get the flow going, living out from “I have” instead of “I don’t have” in the realization that you are powerful creators.

The flow can take place on all levels, physically giving away those things you no longer use or need and donating money, even a penny. Emotionally taking time to listen to someone who needs an ear, and mentally knowing the truth about another. The key to shifting awareness from “I lack” to “I have” with regard to all things (not just money), is to realize that all good flows through you, not from you. Personalizing good caps the Divine well within.

Do not expect a basket of money to suddenly drop from the sky, but know that you are on your way to shifting into and experiencing the fruitage of your realization of Oneness, a consciousness that knows God does not give abundance, rather God IS abundance and therefore “I am abundance” in all its forms–(ideas, creativity, wisdom, peace etc.) A consciousness that knows the substance of everything needed is already present within SELF.

You are spiritually ready to separate “seeking” from “being” and move into the realization that “I am everything I seek”. You have done the work and are ready to move beyond; “If I can just know enough truth good will come to me”. Think upon these two statements for there is a subtle but very important difference.

It is the ability to live every situation as best you can (even when needing to take some very human footsteps) from a place of; In spite of appearances, I stand in the truth that I am the very substance, energy, and reality of completeness and wholeness in all its forms because the I that I am is Divine, God, Source manifesting and expressing Itself as me.

Truth always seems ignorant and naive to the un-awakened, but you who are ready, must begin to come out and be separate, living your awareness. This does not mean that suddenly there are no more discords because you have not yet fully attained, but does mean you have begun the process of being “in the world, but not of it”.

As old energies carried through lifetimes are seen through, cleared, and released and you start to trust and rely more and more on the reality of who and what you are, this will begin to be reflected in the outer scene.

Continually translating the seemingly ordinary things of daily living into the truth they represent opens and trains the mind to new ways of interpreting. Left on its own, the human mind simply draws upon what is already present in personal and consensus consciousness. Mind is an avenue of awareness. Most of the experiences of those who live fully in the third dimensional belief system are expressions of habitual and unenlightened thinking–mind chatter translated into manifestation.

You are Divine Beings. You are One with Source. You are complete and whole– NOW, not after more years of study, classes, books, and ceremony. Evolution is simply the journey of moving from an unawareness of ONEness, into the full awareness and experience of IT.

This does NOT mean you can never take a class, read a book, or do specific meditations you may be guided to do, but rather means you do these things with the understanding that they can not make you spiritual, but may instead awaken you more deeply into the realization that you already are spiritual.

Spiritual evolution must a process because the physical body could not withstand the fullness of Light energy all at once. There have been instantaneous shifts, but these are rare and occur when an individual has been fully prepared from other lifetimes, or when an already fully evolved spiritual Being takes on human form in order to assist the world.

Every cell of every organ in the physical body carries cellular memory associated with that organ or function from other lifetimes. These old energies are based in illusion but nevertheless still resonate and effect an individual until seen through and released or a state of consciousness is attained in which they simply dissolve into the nothingness that are, freeing the person from their physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual influence.

The energies of truth are the reality but energies of illusion still hold dominant sway for most of the world because unenlightened beliefs are manifesting outwardly as form and are what the physical eyes can see. Enlightenment comes by Grace when a person is evolved enough to understand and embrace truth. You who read these messages are ready or you would not be reading or even understanding them.

The time is now to move into truth, not simply thinking about it, talking about it, and seeking it, but be it. When an individual continues to seek outwardly after knowing that everything they seek is already within, they hold themselves in old energy that will continue to manifest as duality and separation, often questioning why. Because everyone has free will, choice is always honored. Do you believe in ONE and that ONE manifesting Itself as you or not?

Avoidance can go on for lifetimes because in many respects it is an easier. There is the presence of the consensus consciousness supporting third dimensional choices. Living truth is difficult in the beginning because it takes constant alertness to shift one’s thinking throughout the day and often there comes a sense of disconnect from those around leading to feelings of loneliness. “Am I the only person who sees things in this way?”

This sense of disconnect is temporary because it has no law to hold it in place, and is simply the expression of old energies of separation still resonating.

The beginning stages of living truth are more often than not thinking and acting out of habit in the comfortable but illusory ways you are accustomed to with a great deal of effort toward correcting ones thought processes. With time, persistence, and serious practice (as well as a good sense of humor), living as “I” instead of as just Mary, Joe, or Jim, will gradually becomes an attained state of consciousness lived without effort.

Only Source in Its infinite completeness IS. IT is what you are. Be IT.

We are the Arcturian Group 6/4/17

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Chakras Activated!!

Energy Update Incoming Chakra Activations

Cosmic waves activate our chakras, bringing our mind body soul system online wuth higher frequencies. To integrate flow of energy, through and round our system, each chakra has to be cleared of blockages, flow should be free and easy. This process of karmic evolution is affecting us all. The fifth dimension is calling.

To align with higher vibrations we lighten our karmic load. We are being triggered to release all loeer vibrational energy. The health of our physical bodies, our humansuits, is just as important as our mental wellbeing and soul nourishment. We seek balance and harmony through our whole being.

Many of us are experiencing palpitations, fluttering sensations in our heart due to intensive activation of our heart chakra. The heart chakra on Gaia is at Glastonbury England. The UK has just instigated a monumental timeline shift from selfish/slave politics to selfless/sharing politics. After decades of elitist middle to right politics we have established a rational, authentic left, with compassion not greed at its heart. This is upgrades, activation of the heart chakra on a global and individual scale. This is Gaia awakening.

Ongoing blurry vision, ear popping and humming and persistent coughs continue to affect many of us. Our eyes can be cloudy, itchy, as our third eye opens, clears and comes online. The veils between dimensions thin, we begin to see orbs, translucent shapes move across or on the periphary of our vision. We are rewiring our brains to see in quantum not 3d.

We can hear the fluctuation in frequencies like ascent and decent in a plane, in our ears. Lighter vibrations are washing through us upgrading our DNA. This shifts our vibration, promoting release of heavier, negative karma. Our mind body soul systems adjust and attune to these higher frequencies.

Persistent coughs affect many of us. Our throat chakras continue to wake up. We clear our throats from all the matrix blocks and sticky karma that has prevented us from speaking our truth. Polarity of this dimension has pushed us to examine who we are and what kind of world we live in. Spiritual awakening introduces us to being in the present, to mindfulness, gratitude and love. Our throat chakras are our voice, our expression of who we are and our interacting with the world. Free flow of higher vibrations through our throat chakra is integrity, it is truth, it is authenticity and sovereignty.

The sacral chakra is susceptible to all the short-term, quick fixes the third dimension has to offer. It can get clogged with toxins, temptations, addictions, stresses and fears. Our intestines, our reproductive system and our liver, particularly, are vulnerable. Easing off on plastic processed food, alcohol and fake foods, consuming more raw fruit, vegetables and water can kickstart sacral chakra clearing.

The sacral chakra is also where we hold anxiety, fear and upset. We can hold difficult day to day emotions in our gut, if they aren’t released they can cause long term physical and emotional problems. We can feel unable to let go or move on from challenging people, places or experiences. We can experience profound anxiety that layers up over time triggering old pressure points, building blocks, creating cavities in our energetic flow.

Our root chakra stores much of our darker, heavier childhood, past life and ancestral karma. To clear and encourage flow we excavate these dense, shadowy spaces. There are pitfalls however to karmic clearing. We can become fixated on our trauma. In many ways western style talk therapy can enable this fixation. We repeatedly reopen wounds instead of letting them close and heal.

Ancestral and family karma can also suffer from constant reopening, triggered by interactions in our day to day lives. This persistent prodding of old wounds, over excavation, can be dangerous for our mental health, our energetic balance. We can fall off a cliff of depression, obsessively reliving traumatic experiences, preventing us from releasing and healing.

Knowing when to draw the line on karmic excavation is a tricky business. Ask yourself is this serving me to my highest purpose? Does knowing more, talking more, feeling more about this help me? Am I healing, releasing the trauma and finding closure?

The smaller chakras on the palms of our hands, feet, on our knees and the top of our shoulders are buzzing as they awaken. If you are experiencing pain or stiffness in these areas look into physiotherapy and holistic healing to ease the shift and clearance of lower vibration energy. These chakras want to open, they want to connect us to our energy field and to the quantum world around us. They are powerful entry and exit points for positive and negative energy.

We can heal using our hand chakras. Reiki light love frequency can be channelled quickly and easily through our palm chakras. We can use our hands to heal other parts of our body as well as other people. The chakras in our feet are our direct connection to Gaia. Not to the matrix, which has a slippery, insecure shaky footing. A low vibration of fear that causes many of us to feel unsure and wobbly. We may compensate by tightening our ham strings and calf muscles to try and steady our legs in this hostile environment.

To be fluid, healthy energetic beings we seek free and easy flow of frequencies through our mind body soul system. To attain this we seek adaptability, strength and fluid motion in our limbs. Our legs should be flexible to take the ebb and flow of cosmic upgrades, of fluctuations in our external and internal wavelengths. Allowing energy to flow up and down our bodies, back into Gaia. This is true grounding.

The chakras on our knees are where we can release a lot of anxiety. That semi permanent state of fight or flight adrenal impulse that the matrix keeps us in, the vibration of fear, can be held in our legs. Let go, loosen them, imagine you are surfing or skiing. Always try and do the opposite of what you were doing to realign your system. If you sit hunched over a computer all day do some stretches that bend your back the opposite way. Cross the opposite leg from your usual one when sitting. This kickstarts physical realignment. We create grooves by repetitive movement and thoughts. These grooves can become dense and tough, we can get stuck in these sticky energetic ruts.

We store a lot of stress in our shoulders and back. The chakras on top of our shoulders can release this stress. Neck and back massages get to the core knots of this anxiety and release it. Gentle exercises like rolling your shoulders back and then forward encourage freer movement, a loosening of the energy.

We are mind body soul beings. To be balanced and aligned we cannot neglect any of the three. A trinity is harmonious when it is in balance. Our crown chakra is the expansion of our mind, an opening of the doors of perception. Quantum dimensional experience. When our minds are closed down, locked down, shut down by bigotry, limited thought processes, matrix programming, we cut ourselves off from higher vibrational existence. Our feet ground us to Gaia, our crown chakra elevates us to the fifth dimension and beyond. It is our connection to planes of existence where love not fear is the wavelength of perceived reality. Where wisdom and oneness, zen universes and magic happens.

Tabloid press are experts at programming our mind, our ego. Headlines act as programming algorithms training and triggering our minds. Fascism, mysogyny and elitism conditioning through mainstream media. These emotions are heavy, low frequency. They literally weigh our system down, limit our thinking, we become matrix robots.

Lower frequencies cause blockages and disruption to our energy flow, over time they layer if not released. These layers can become hard, toxic and painful, taking root in our physical bodies. The same can be said for mental low vibrations. When we neglect parts of our brain, sociability, compassion, empathy, curiosity, creativity, imagination they begin to shut down, to rust, to seal over. The crown chakra, at the top of our head, is the pathway to quantum existence. To clear, stengthen and balance the crown chakra is to restore compassion empathy and gratitude. It is to be creative, inquisitive, questioning and kind. It is to connect to higher self, guides, ascended masters. To understand sovereignty and oneness. To begin to think see, feel and be quantum.

We can have overactive crown chakras, seeking spiritual escape through opiates, hallucinogens, lucid dreaming and astral travel. We can lose ourselves in our heads, become blind to the life in front of us as we close off to darker places in our mind, depression or dissociation. When we exist in higher dimensions, we relase our spirit and be in our crown chakra. We can neglect the lower chakras and ultimately our physical bodies. This is not a healthy trinity being. The flow of energy is slowed down and can become blocked from our lower body, our legs, we lose our connection to Gaia. We stumble, fall, lose dialogue with our limbs. We seek balance and realignment.

The solar plexus is the centre of our being, our core strength. Not our legs. Like surfers we seek motion in our limbs, and strength and balance in our core. The solar plexus pulls everything together. It is the engine room, power house of our being. Enabling free flow from our feet to our crown and back again. We become expansive beings, our cells able to adjust, adapt and respond to the frequencies we encounter and generate.

As the frequencies continue to rise we are propelled to make changes in our lives. Self care is the ultimate rebellious act in a system based on exploiting our weaknesses. We are consumers in the matrix, not citizens. Our health, our mental and emotional wellbeing are commodities bought and sold to the highest bidder. We are programmed from birth, some would say from the womb, to be slaves to a system built for the elite by the elite.

Deprogramming, unplugging cannot be done for us, we must choose to do this. To stop eating processed food. To stop watching fabricated fear agenda mainstream ‘news’. To consciously connect to our bodies, see our organs, our muscles, our blood flow as integral, as part of us. The cabal have disconnected us from our bodies. They tell us our bodies are human suits we wear, we either control or it controls us. It is made to seem a separate thing from us. We are organic beings. To connect what we eat, what our eyes and mouths want with the fact that food is fuel. Are we running on poor quality, low vibration fuel or cleaner higher vibration fuel?

Our heart chakras are the washing machine of our energetic beings. We can run all dark, stained negative emotions through our heart and they will be washed out into the universe. To be heart led is not to be weak or flighty. It is to interact with the world from the basis of love. To consciously shift our vibration from fear to love. We protect ourselves from lower vibrations by engaging our energy field, our guides and higher self. We learn to trust and act upon our intuition.

To be an earth warrior is to believe in a better way of life on planet earth. It is to be that change you want to see. Connecting to love as a wavelength of existence, we can begin true self care. Caring for ourselves as whole beings, mind body and soul. This is our mission, our task, to ride waves of higher frequencies activate our chakras and come online as energetic beings of quantum existence. Anchor our light to Gaia’s grid, through self care, self healing and self love. Sending love and light brothers and sisters.

Mantra: I am a being of light, of love, of energy.

I send healing love light to my body, to my mind and to my soul. Namaste.

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There is a density to…
The Ebb and Flow of Cosmic Evolution
Timeline shifts, Solar Plexus activation and Enlightened Unity Consciouness
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St Germain : Divine Governance/Golden Age

Our Mission is Love-
to Express it, Live it,
Empower with it.

St Germain: “What Divine Governance Really Is!!!”
Ashtar On The Road Teleconference – May 23, 2017*

“I am St Germain, and I had the honor two days ago, in your time, of addressing a Gathering of individuals who were coming together in Hearts and minds to support NESARA.** And I shall say again that it is the key to what we are calling the ‘Golden Age Lifestyle,’ and reaching that point accelerates – quite exponentially – the progress of all members of Humanity who wish to make their Ascensions, in what you might call a time that comes quite soon. There is no one in this audience who needs to wait a thousand or even a hundred years to accomplish that!

“But I will say that the Golden Age Lifestyle which is officially opened by NESARA’s announcement and implementation – and further enhanced and empowered by the announcement of our presence with all of Planet Earth – it is to be savored! It is to be enjoyed! It is an opportunity to rest, from all of the stressful situations, that living in the third dimensional lifestyle has prevented. And so I counsel you, my Beloved Brothers and Sisters, to do that savoring, even as you are excited and exhilarated by all of the new opportunities that are available to you.

“And I shall discuss what this is going to mean for you, what is it going to look like, how is it going to feel. And I invite you to let go of any doubts or little fears you might have, and join in envisioning this Lifestyle with your minds as well as your Hearts!And just try it on for size – if you have not already done so – or even if you have. You have heard that NESARA is the way to open up this Lifestyle and make it available to everyone on Planet Earth!!!

“And what are you going to do with this Lifestyle? And I’m not talking as much about the money – although even that, even your financial world, your economies will be empowered for as long as it is needed by High Dimensional, valuable, as you call it – valuable monies – because it is necessary to have this bridge of NESARA to get free of all of the fear-based lifestyles of the third dimension, and move up into where there is no fear!

“And if you are afraid of starvation, or being homeless, or not being able to pay your bills, or that some government is going to come and take everything that you have worked so hard to earn -or, for that matter, if you’re just tired of working so hard – then it is quite difficult to feel the Freedom from all of that, that NESARA brings. So, in that sense, this Divine Governance will provide for your basic lifestyles and free you to do whatever it is that you want to do!!!

“Once you have this Freedom, you will find that you will be empowered Creators! You will be living in such a Higher vibration that if you have something – for instance, let us say that you injure your big toe. And while you may seek the help of a practitioner of some kind, a healer of some kind, you, yourselves, will start recognizing that you are your own greatest healers because you will be connecting with the totality of yourselves!!! There will not be anyone to tell you, ‘Watch out! Somebody is going to think you’re real looney-tune,’ because they might even lock you up or any of those kinds of things that are a part of the third dimensional history/herstory of Planet Earth.

“And while we’re talking about healing yourselves, let’s talk about helping each other to heal. Imagine coming together in a beautiful park or garden, or by the seashore, or on a mountaintop with others – coming together, and by the Love that you share with each other, whoever is there desiring some form of healing, so be it. IT IS DONE!!!

“And I don’t mean just felt in the moment – I mean DONE! That’s how powerful you are right now, Beloved Ones! But we understand that you’re not feeling all that empowerment. NESARA gives you that Freedom to feel your own Divine Empowerment! Now you cannot equate that with any sum of dollars. Don’t even try! Don’t even go there, because that’s not the purpose of NESARA. It’s not about giving everybody money so everybody depends on money even more. It’s about FREEING YOU FROM MONEY, ultimately freeing you from money! It is about empowering yourselves!!!

“What if you have some seeds and you are anxious that they grow? There are already High Dimensional Spiritually Scientific ways for you to do this! There are ways that you can incorporate nutrition into water, for instance, and by drinking the water -because as your bodies become lighter it will come to pass that you will require less and less in the way of food, unless you just want to have fun or have a party. And you will be able to drink water and you will have pure water. And you can further empower the water with nutrition if you feel like, oh, you need a little more vitamin C today or whatever. That’s right! And as an interim, nutritional water is already being made. And I’m NOT talking about the sugar water you find in your grocery stores. Look up the Keshe Foundation work*** and you’ll see what I’m talking about!!!

“Let’s say that you want to have some power for your homes but you don’t want to pay the corporate owners of the electric company. There is a way already being given to the World so that you can accomplish that.*** And that’s an interim – that’s a bridge, just like the nutritional water – it’s a bridge, because you will, by your Divine will and requirements, be able to turn the lights on or off in your home spaces as you choose. That’s right! We’re talking about entering into the Golden Age. We’re talking about moving into it. We’re talking about living that Lifestyle as preparation for your final Ascensions – however quickly, or however taking more time, you might want that to occur!

“Every aspect of your lives will change! And we propose that, along with bringing NESARA into 3D, you start looking at what you want to do in the Golden Age. You don’t have to make a definite, final plan. You can simply get with your guides and see what’s on your timeline. And then if you want to change it, of course, you can!!! How about that? You might want to start journaling your thoughts and inspirations. What do you want to create when you are living Love and only Love? You see, that’s a part of the Golden Age, too! It’s not going to happen the minute NESARA is announced. But the more you bring it forth within your own beings and share it with other Lightworkers, with your families, your neighbors, anyone you choose to share it with – and you will be recognizing more and more who are becoming Hearts of Light -as you keep yourselves in the High vibrations, you will be a magnet to others and you will be drawn to others who are doing the same thing!!! It’s preparation for the Golden Age, and once you get into the Golden Age, it will serve you very Joy-fully, even as you are creating and serving – of course, yourselves, but all of Planet Earth, below, on and above!

“There is nothing, no miracle, if you want to call it that, that is not possible to create in the Higher levels of dimensionality. The only rule, if you want to call it a rule, is that it is created from Love!!! It must be created from Love. All that comes from Love is High Dimensional. Now I’m talking, of course, about unconditional, infinite, eternal Love, the same Love from which we are all made and which, as Ashtar**** just said, you have a rather generous amount of, even within your human bodies! Why? Because you’re Lightworkers! You came for this purpose and you are fulfilling it. We are doing this together! It is not just us coming from the, you might say, permanent resident status in the Higher Realms. It is YOU! Without you this would not be happening on Planet Earth!!!

“So stay High! Create your visions from that Perspective. Bring yourselves up High. Come into your Hearts if you face a challenge and let it transmute from that place! It’s much easier to do that, than it is to get down into the lower levels, the lower vibrations, and try to work with it there. Just come right up into your Hearts, where you have that Perspective, and then transmute everything that you might see or feel that isn’t Love and Light by putting the Light of Love on it!

“I know that sometimes it is difficult or more challenging than at other times, and if you seem to come up against a roadblock, you know that I have already offered you the Violet Ray of Transmutation. You have the Sword Excalibur of Archangel Michael to wave, so that you can always see the Truth – the real Truth – in everything that you want to look at. You have Sananda’s teachings of Light-ing up the entirety of yourselves – if you have not done that, you might want to learn that process as well!***** You have your guides and you have your Managing Director, which is your Higher Dimensional Self!

“So tune in, lift up and let’s soar together into the Golden Age, and to your Homecoming celebrations! That is what NESARA opens up for each and every one of you and, indeed, all of Planet Earth!!! So I thank you, from my Heart to yours, for giving me the consideration – indeed the invitation – to come and speak of the High aspects of NESARA, the Divine aspects of NESARA and what is included in the Divine Governance it brings – beginning with yourselves, coming together in communities, in countries and on all of Planet Earth! And so it is. Namaste!”

* The transcript published in our last newsletter was from January of 2016. The Mentors saw that more people were ready for it, so they arranged for it to be repeated, and because of a series of unique circumstances, we found out afterward.

** Link to 5-21-17 live NESARA conference call:


**** Ashtar’s 5-23-17 audio message is here; transcript to follow:

Transcription by Marta.
Given through Susan Leland, May 23, 2017.
© Ashtar On The Road Publications 2004-2017. All rights reserved; however, this is a gift to all of us and it may be distributed freely on condition that all accreditation is acknowledged and that no part is altered or deleted.

Tara & Rama Report 5-23-17

Tara & Rama (together): Greetings!
Tara: Everyone, again, Welcome! We are in a new Galactic year. And what we are talking about is this Cosmic restart. It’s the beginning of a whole new Galactic spin. And it’s tomorrow.
Rama: Yes.
Tara: And what that actually means is that we are entering a higher rung on the ascending evolutionary spiral of our system. And so we are at this place where we can become more clearly aware of what’s happening on the ground in our world. As you tune in to the inner silence as we all do; this whole week is like that with the I-Ching, as we tune in with the inner silence and do nothing on this outer plane, and, you know, if you have to chop wood and carry water and go to work, if you can do two things at once and nothing else, just remember who we are and awaken to how we do the normal things every day with a new light on them, from the simplest things. That’s really what they mean when they say ‘before enlightenment chop wood, carry water and afterwards, chop wood, carry water.’ And in terms of the story about NESARA, it’s the same thing. We are definitely watching the denouement of the old Yuga and the old systems of inequality, that have been perpetuating a downward spiral in the last 13 thousand years.
Rama: Yes.
Tara: And we’ve kind of reached the bottom of that story, and tomorrow starts that new view on the whole story from a higher rung on the ascension ladder. And what does that mean? It means what we kind of talked about on NESARA Meditation day, last Sunday, that all things expected coming from the 3D at the economic level of that including dynastic gold and money, you know, from ancient ancestors, all of that is closed. And there is a reason for it. The reason is that rising up to that higher rung in the ascension spiral where we don’t determine who gets what from this old experience; that’s all closed. And the gold and silver and precious metals and other things that have been brought here, that haven’t been here and they are coming from other places, etc, it’s bringing us into a relationship with our Starseed brothers and sisters from the 5th dimension and higher, of which the Mother Earth herself is in, the 5th dimension, and various of our awareness of ourselves experiencing that 5th dimension are being, you might say, commanded and demanded from the high, who’s depended upon us so that they can actually release these higher blessings to us in the order of our experience of, not only knowingness, but actual solid experiential ways of stewarding the whole planet into ascension. And it brings us with greater responsibility at the same time. Yet as we have that ability to respond and re-respond to it,it brings us more Joy, more Love than ever before.

So our mission is never really done; it just expands. And again, it brings our heart into this place, as we choose to open it, of experiencing these higher and higher dimensions of Ecstasy and Bliss. And so this Red Magnetic Dragon is talking about that. And this represents the primordial mother waters, from which all is birthed. It is the vibration of origin of source in the cauldron from which all is generated, the realm of nurturance and holistic renewal. And we are all invited to affirm quote “I nurture the birth of my being with primordial trust.” In modern society we often forget that we are Human Beings and we are often vastly obsessed with doing. So, the being part will require us to be in the greatness of this leap we are taking. On the very next day of the 25th it is Ascension Thursday, so no turning back. And this re-start offers us a real potent time and invites us to forgive our mistakes and inadequacies of this whole past cycle, and start fresh and new and use the qualities of humility and connection to our own innocence, our wholly innocent child, and then we can extend this peaceful vibration with Compassion to all of our relations. And that’s the quality we need to receive NESARA law. And it’s always been here; it’s been here for a long time. Bill Clinton did sign that NESARA document, that NESARA bill into law before he left office in the year 2000.

Tara: Now, that being said, Rama had a nice experience today.
Rama: Yes, I sat with Rana Mu and the Jedi Council of sorts, (Tara laughing) and everyone was in their various locations. And the King of Swords and Natasha, Tom the Cat, Sweet Angelique the Cat, all these folks were talking about the present state of affairs, of how things are unraveling so fast with the 3rd dimension and the obstruction-of-justice-gang, let’s put it that way. And the news out there is Mr. Trump is lawyering up because of these charges of obstruction of justice. Also, more and more is coming out about the collusion with Donald Trump and his gang skewing the election, yet Hillary is, you know, let’s just call it like it is, they are two sides of the coin that serve not the Office of Christ and all of it is getting exposed at this time.

This brings in the higher realms that these frequencies with the Red Magnetic Dragon coming in, and so as Carl Boudreau was talking about the North Node, we have moved the Sun into Gemini, everything unlike Love is bubbling and boiling up to the surface to be healed. And all the criminals are getting exposed no matter what they say or what they do. And in the same moment, same breath like Melissa from San Francisco said, “there are crafts de-cloaking everywhere, all over the planet.” And it’s happening, I mean at twice the speed as last week. I mean, it is huge with what’s unraveling. And we also played Unacknowledged last Saturday, and Dr Greer’s documentary lays it out in lavender of, you know, Trump just made this multi-trillion or billion dollar deal with the Saudis and this
Tara: A 111 billion, a 110 billion.
Rama: Yeah.
Tara: And that’s one third of what the intention is; it’s going to be about 320 billion or 25 billion, or something ridiculous in planning to keep on adding to this, and again, this is what we are saying when we are saying that at the end of this, that it shall not come to pass – shall not come to pass.
Rama: Yes, that billions goes into a black budget in a black hole and it never sees the light of day and it goes to the defense contractors.
Tara: Yes, and then they fund, with the help of the money, I mean the arms that we traded for that money – those arms are going to all the Al-Qaidas and ISILs and Al Nusras and Boko Harams and all the different names all over the world for different sorts of terrorist operations.
Rama: Yeah.
Tara: They go into creating what’s happened here yesterday
Rama: in Manchester, England.
Tara: Yeah, that was black op. Black budget ops.
Rama: Yeah. Everyone I talked to today said that was the
Tara: planned
Rama: fake ISIL that John McCain and Lindsey Graham and the other treasonous folks in Congress have created with the other black ops around the world.
Tara: But what we want to make sure you know is that the person that really died, that did it, was mind controlled; it’s not a fake thing that didn’t happen.
Rama: That’s right.
Tara: There’s a very big difference in that. And also, Theresa May put out a critical warning of the emergency to critical, and said that we are expecting another terrorist attack.
Rama: Yeah.
Tara: So, this is a never ending story. This is why the more that we get it that NESARA is not about money the way we have known it at all. And we’ve really got to get that inside of our hearts because we are vibrating to a rate of, you know, our auric space and everywhere else and opening and letting that in is our singular and most important job right now.

Rama: And Sweet Angelique the Cat also said the rape cases for Donald Trump are not going away, just like the issues with the Senate Intelligence Committee and this probe into the elections. All these things are getting larger and larger by the hour. And it is about the ultimate story here that Trump is broke. He has borrowed money from everybody and their dog across the planet and he sold his soul; even if he had a soul, it is owned by the Russian mob, the Jewish mob over here. The other, let’s say, filthy lobbyists and criminals in Congress who do deals dirt cheap.
Tara: The overall umbrella that Rama is talking about is that the organized crime is collapsing.
Rama: Yes
Tara: And we are watching it.
Rama: And the vibrations keep getting higher and higher.
Tara: It’s called repeal and replace. (laughing)
Rama: Yes.
Tara: with our higher frequencies; we are taking more and more responsibility.
Rama: And we really do need help with rent coming up. We’ve got one last bill that is due tomorrow.
Tara: And the other thing is that our brother Dr Vinayak helped us, you know, for almost a year now in diagnosing and helping and there are things that are really helpful that we could use that because Rama, in particular, is at the edge of, he needs to turn the situation around. We found someone whose got the things to help him and they cost money. As the King of Swords told Rama, we need to be here and stay here for the next step.
Rama: Yeah.
Tara: And so, take care of that body, so we want to pass that on so that everybody can sincerely make a contribution so we can continue with that. Thank you so much; and before we go away, our job is to help bring that NESARA vibration to heal the collective PTSD in our society. Yes, we can put it that way.
Rama: Yes.
Tara: And to keep the vibration high, energy follows thought. So for instance, if we are talking about a universal basic income for people, it can only come from this higher rung on the ascension spiral. So we start there. And all the efforts of the past generations go to the higher rung through us. That’s taking that responsible step. And that takes capitalism out of the picture. Capitalism is as thoroughly corrupted as it can ever get, and it’s not the place we are needing anymore. And there might be a very good way for people to become aware, called Universal Economics and Divine Government, where our Divine Higher Selves are that government. And we are here to help others to remember that too.
Let us all together heal this world and ourselves! Namaste! And I pass this talking stick.

Transcribed by Adriana. Edited by Fran.
“There are only two mistakes one can make along the road to Truth;
not going all the way and not starting.” The Buddha

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