Heart and Third Eye Chakra Activation On Gaia


Each of us has a story, our story, the nuts and bolts, bricks and mortar of our being. Who we were, are and aspire to be. Gaia also has a story. Who she was, who she became and where she wants to go. Gaia is an organic being, her breath is the frequency of nature. Her heartbeat the rhythm of the seas. Her soul, ancient and wise, emanating love vibrations. Gaia is going bye bye to the matrix, the third dimension, the panoptican prison. As prophesied for eons Gaia is raising her frequencies in line with cosmic intervention. Gaia is transcending to fifth dimension zen. Her time and our time has come. Gaia’s chakras expand, releasing blocks, stuck, dense karma. Gaia shakes herself free from holographic control. Gaia is shifting her baseline frequency, transcending the heavy dark third dimension. Gaia is awakening as a quantum being. Gaia’s chakras are triggered…

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